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Indo Aryan Beverages Pvt Ltd. is a premium provider of natural mineral water. As a family-owned business founded in 2017, we are dedicated to bringing you a product that’s nothing short of the best. At the core of our business lies a deep commitment to research, quality, and affordability. Our water is sourced from natural springs, and our production process is designed to ensure that every drop is of the highest quality. We are also eco-friendly, and we are proud to bring you water that’s not just good for you, but good for the planet too.

Our design philosophy is focused on minimalism and sustainability, so you can take pride in the fact that you are consuming pure and refreshing water in an environmentally conscious way.


PUR VODA Natural Mineral Water is being sourced at the foothills of the Shivalik Range in India. Located in the green zone with no pollutant industry in this space, the water is being bottled in these pristine, virginal surroundings, making it free of pollutants. Extracted from great depths from a confined aquifer it is rich in mineral content which not only helps to hydrate your body but also replenishes a part of the body's natural mineral content. ​Keeping true to our name, we unequivocally abide by our motto 'purity bottled' by persistently striving to accomplish nothing else.  



This avowal is ascertained by the absence of human contact from the humble beginning of extraction from our clinically tested well, the seven-step organic filtration process. This helps us to attain the most sterile & hygienic water possible. It retains its initial natural mineral content even after cleansing which is the sole reason why we can pledge beyond a shadow of a doubt, that "PUR VODA" will be one of the sweetest bottles of water you have ever tasted 'period'. 

Bottling Process 

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 The Extraction & Bottling of Natural Mineral Water is a complex process. Mineral water is a naturally occurring source, constant monitoring and purification are required for every drop that we bottle. The water is extracted directly from underground aquifers before it reaches daylight. The systems have been installed in such a way that the environment is not affected in any way. Furthermore, the extraction process is approved and monitored by local government authorities. Once the water reaches the plant, it goes through a thorough purification process to ensure that it is 100% safe to drink, while still preserving the mineral content and natural taste.


Surprisingly, the bottling of natural mineral water is more complex than almost every other bottled beverage! Each process is to be monitored at all times as contamination at any point can render the product unfit for human consumption.  Such monitoring is required because Natural Mineral Water does not go through any artificial purification processes such as UV, Reverse Osmosis, or Ozonation which is the case with Packaged Drinking Water. Hence, it can not be contaminated due to the absence of any organic particles. The product is being retrieved from a depth of more than 700 ft, at the foothills of the Shivalik Range.


Packaged after a 7-step organic purification and filtration process which allows all the natural minerals that were initially present in the water to remain intact. Nothing is left to chance due to our no-contact policy i.e., no human touch is involved in the packaging process. The facility is equipped with fully automated machinery and in-house testing.

Why Choose us
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Why Choose 

  • AWARENESS: The reason is the lack of awareness in India. People are unaware of the whole concept of Natural Mineral Water. They tend to think of it to be unsafe, not pure, and even contaminated. The reason is the processes of purification that are involved, whereas this is not the case. Natural Mineral Water is pure in every way retaining all the naturally occurring minerals due to the natural methods of purification. Purifying natural mineral water is a challenging task as compared to packaged drinking water. ​
  • MINERAL CONTENT: The natural mineral content present is essential and is beneficial to human health in many ways. Drinking natural mineral water as compared to packaged drinking water shows a better skin-hydrating effect. Drinking it will motivate you to drink more since it tastes better than regular mineral water! It will even help with your digestion as the food we consume is acidic in nature and natural mineral water has a low pH which balances it out, whereas packaged water being more on the acidic side makes the whole situation worse.

Typical Mineral Content mg/ltr

Ph 7.4-7.8              TDS 250-290
Sodium 4.4            Calcium77
Magnesium 19      Nitrates 13
Chlorides 23          Flourides ND
  • LACTOSE INTOLERANCE: For people who suffer from lactose intolerance, drinking PUR VODA will provide a part of their calcium intake as our product contains a high calcium content. Health benefits of sodium include improved heart performance, nervous system & glucose absorption.
  • WATER FOR EVERYONE: This brand's philosophy is 'giving to India's communities", a proportion of revenue from water sales is put back into the community-focused initiatives. Our primary focus is helping children in need, for every bottle sold we contribute 2% to their welfare.
  • GIVING BACK WHAT WE TAKE: As we are facing problems of water scarcity not only in India but all over the world, we have set up multiple groundwater recharging systems at our premises to give most of what we are taking back to Mother Earth to maintain a balance. Even the water that is unused after the process of bottling is utilized for irrigation.
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Our clients

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We are currently appointing distributors and C&F agents on PAN India Level. We will be looking for Personnel who have experience in the FMCG sector and have been operating in the same for at least 3-5 years. Please find below the territories for which the company is currently looking to appoint the distributors

  • Jaipur 

  • Udaipur

  • Jodhpur

  • Mumbai

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